Western Regional Sunday School Teachers Summit


Kester live in Concert Fundraiser - Sat., September 9th @ 6pm


We encourage everyone to participate in this Christian devotional music concert. First time in Los Angeles.  

Please purchase your tickets at: https://kester.stthomasla.com

Kennedy High School Performing Arts Center
8331 Walker St.
La Palma, CA 90623

Christmas Service Begins at 7:30am, Sunday December 25th

The Christmas Service will begin at 7:30am on Sunday.  Please remember to bring your dry palm leaves.  We request everyone to arrive early for the Holy Qurbana and partake in this Blessed event. 

God still guides seeking hearts to the One True Light.
As the world around us grows darker, the Light of Jesus Christ shines even brighter. He is the Light of truth, of hope, of purity, and of beauty. His Light shines through the faces of those who know Him, through the eyes of those who see Him, through the character of those who walk with Him, and through the hearts of those who love and serve Him.

Wishing you and your family a joyous Christmas!  A King is born!

Centralized Written Competitions - Saturday, October 22nd, 9am - 12 noon

The Sunday School Centralized Written Competitions will be held Saturday, October 22nd.  The competition topics and guidelines are below for your reference. The CWC will be held in person from 9am - 12 noon so please arrive on-time. 

Topics and Guidelines

Deadline for Registration:
  Sun., October 9th (10am PST)

Click Here to Register