Special Prayer for All Students - Sun., August 24th

There will be a special prayer on Sunday, August 24th, for all students before starting the new academic year.  All students are requested to prepare and take Holy Communion on Sunday and participate in the special prayer.

The Passing of Very Rev. Dr. M.E. Idiculla Cor Episcopa

With faith in Christ and in the hope of resurrection, the Diocesan Office would like to inform you of the passing away of Very Rev. Dr. M.E. Idiculla Cor Episcopa, officiating priest at St. Mary's Orthodox Church, Tampa (Wesley Chapel).  Achen resided in Fort Myers, Florida and was one of the earliest settlers of our community in America, serving the American Diocese for many decades. Achen’s home parish is Prakkanam St. Mary's Valiyapalli. Achen was ordained as a priest on July 10th, 1979.  Two weeks ago, the Very Rev. Cor-Episcopa was given the sacrament of Holy Anointing of the Sick and Holy Eucharist by Rev. Fr. George Paulose in Tampa.

Funeral arrangements will be conveyed as soon as they are finalized. Please remember the departed soul of our beloved Achen and his extended family in your prayers.  May the memory of Very Rev. Dr. M.E. Idiculla Cor Episcopa be eternal!

Pictures from Church Picnic