1st Year Anniversary of Church Inauguration - Sept 3rd & 4th

This weekend will be the one year anniversary for our church inauguration.  A church convention and special events have been planned for the weekend.  A Harvest Auction is being planned after the Holy Qurbana on Sunday so all members are requested to participate by bringing some items.  Please make every effort to attend and participate in all the activities.

Saturday, September 3rd
Evening Prayer -  5:30pm
Convention Speech - 6pm

Sunday, September 4th
Morning Prayer - 9am
Holy Qurbana (Rev. Fr. Cherian) - 9:45am
Lunch - 12:30pm
Auction - 12:40pm

Shunoyo (Dormition of the Theotokos) - August 15th

The Theotokos had now reached an advanced age. Her fervent and unceasing desire was to leave the body and be with her beloved Son and God. The Mother of God did not fear death, nor did she seek to avoid it. She knew that death had already been overcome by her Son and God. At that time she still lived in the house of John the Evangelist on Mount Sion. She often went from there to the Mount of Olives to offer fervent prayers. As she was thus praying on the Mount of Olives that the Lord quickly take her to heaven, there appeared before her the archangel Gabriel and disclosed to the Theotokos the following: “Thus says your Son: The days are approaching when I will take My Mother unto Me”. Thus the Virgin heard those much longed for words which she received with gladness.

15 Day Sunoyo Fast - August 1 to 15

The Fast before the Migration of Virgin Mary the Mother of God

This is one of the traditional fasts observed in all the Eastern Churches. A feast in commemoration of the Mother of God was celebrated in the East as early as fourth century. Later this was identified as the migration of the blessed Virgin and it came to be called the feast of Sunoyo (Migration) of the Mother of God. This fast starts from the first day of August and ends with the Sunoyo feast on the fifteenth day. This is the time for the faithful to prepare themselves for their death because the death of the Mother of God is a desirable and exemplary death for all.