Pictures from Sunday School Talent Competition

The Sunday School Talent Competitions were held on Saturday, November 17th. Our children displayed their great talents in the various age groups and categories.  We are very proud of the growth of our children as well as the parents who have taken time to dedicate towards the Sunday School Programs.  We thank Achen, coordinators, parents and children who made the program a success.  Please continue to encourage your children and pray for our Sunday School.

Pictures from the Talent Competition (click here)

Sunday School Parish Level Talent Competitions - Sat., November 17th

The Sunday School Parish Level Talent Comptetitions will be held on Saturday, November 17th from 9am to 4pm at church.  This will provide an opportunity for our children at the parish level for the development and encouragement of their talents.  Competitions will be held for solo song, group song, instrumental music, Bible verse find, speech and talent show. 

Please contact Mr. Winson Varghese, Parent-Teacher Association representative, to sign up or if you have any questions.    Please encourage your children to participate.

Competition Guidelines (click here)

Pictures from Memorial Perunal of St. Gregorios of Parumala

Please enjoy the pictures from the Perunal Rasa held on Sunday, November 4th. 
പരിശുദ്ധ പരുമല തിരുമേനീ.... ഞങ്ങൾക്കു വേണ്ടി അപേക്ഷിക്കേണമേ.....
Picture Video of 110th Memorial Perunal of St. Gregorios of Parumala.

St. Gregorios Day Perunal Evening Prayer - November 3rd @ 5:30pm

Sat., November 3rd at 5:30pm - Prayer & Devotional Talk
An evening prayer along with devotional talk and meditation is scheduled for Saturday, November 3rd at church. All members are requested to attend and participate.  Please contact Abraham Varughese, if you wish to host a prayer meeting.