Easter Service to start at 7am

The General Body held on November 29th approved to have the Easter Service begin at 7am.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Managing Committee wishes all our families a Happy Thanksgiving! May we all thank God for all the blessings He has showered upon us this year. Let us pray for and help those that are in need during these Holiday Season. Please bring some canned food or some toys to church on Sunday. We will be delivering these items to the shelters in Los Angeles.

Benzi Alex and Family Moves to Northern California

Benzi Alex and family will be moving to Northern California temporarily. Benzi, Reeba and Becky have been instrumental part of our church choir and caroling group. Benzi has setup the foundation for the choir group and have brought our Holy Qurbana to a new level. We appreciate all the dedicated work Benzi and family have provided for our church and wish them well. We know that Benzi will be back soon to continue the work that he has started. May God bless the family!

MM Samajam Raises over $800 for Christmas Program

The Martha Mariam Samajam held a Food Sale Fund Raiser on Sunday, November 22nd after the Holy Qurbana. The proceeds from the fundraiser went towards the Christmas Program to be held on December 13. Kappa, meen curry and spaghetti were the items sold and all that attended the service enjoyed the great meal. Thank you to all the families that donated food as well as those that purchased. Great job!

The Melodious Fr. Joshua John Visits LA

Fr. Joshua John, visited St. Thomas Orthodox Church on Sunday, November 22nd and celebrated the Holy Qurbana. His melodious Qurbana was so beautiful that it kept the audience in awe. At times during the Qurbana, it was so silent that it gave the parishoners time for meditation. Achen is currently doing a documentary on the different Orthodox Faith and had a chance to visit a few Orthodox Churches in the Los Angeles area. Fr. John belongs to the Pathanapuran Dayara and is a priest in the Bombay Diocese. It was the second time that achen has visited this parish and celebrated the Holy Qurbana. The Managing Committee and members thank achen for his visit and enlightening with the beautiful Qurbana.