2018 Annual MMVS Conference, Sept 28-30

Annual MMVS Conference

Date:  September 28-30, 2018
Location:  Dallas, Texas

2018 MMVS Conference Flyer

2018 MMVS Conference registration form

Also the link for reserving the hotel rooms are here.  Host homes are also available.  Rooms are at $89 per night that accommodate four people.

Book your group rate for MM SAMAJAM WOMENS CONFERENCE 2018

2018 OVBS, July 20-22

The 2018 OVBS will be held at our church from Friday, July 20 to Sunday, July 22.  Please register your children by using the link below by July 14. We need everyone to register on-time so we can plan and prepare properly. Please make sure to include your child's t-shirt size correctly while you register.  All 10th graders and above will be volunteers so if you would like to help, please contact Mathew Varughese.  All volunteers also need to register so we have full count for materials, t-shirts and food.

Theme:  “God molds us”
- Isaiah 64:8

Friday - 9:30am - 4:30pm
Saturday - 10:30am - 4:30pm

Sunday - After Holy Qurbana


St. Thomas Day Perunal - June 30 and July 1

The St. Thomas Day Purunal will be held on June 30 and July 1.  The following are the schedule of events for the weekend.

H.G. Yuhannon Mar Meletius will be visiting Los Angeles and will be the chief guest for the St. Thomas Day Perunal.  His Grace will be giving the devotional message on Saturday evening as well as celebrating the Holy Qurbana on Sunday.

Please don't miss any of the activities and plan to attend with your family.

Sat., June 30
 7:00pm - Evening Prayer
 7:40pm - Flag Hoisting
                 Devotional Message
Sun., July 1
 9:00am - Morning Prayer
 9:45am - Holy Qurbana
 11:45am - Rasa
 12:15pm - Lowering of Flag
 12:30pm- Feast

Sunday School Final Exam - June 10th @ 8:45am

The Final Exam will take place on Sunday, June 10th at 8:45am.  Parents are kindly requested to prepare their children and bring them on time. Exams will take place from 9-9:50am, so please don't be late.

Please contact your child's teacher or Mathew Varughese, if you have any questions.

H.G. Dr. Abraham Mar Seraphim Visits LA - June 16-18

H.G. Dr. Abraham Mar Seraphim, Metropolitan of Bangalore Diocese will be visiting our church from June 16 - 18.  We welcome thirumeni to St. Thomas Orthodox Church.  Please plan to attend with your family and receive his blessings on Saturday evening prayer meeting and Holy Qurbana on Sunday.

His Grace was born on 28th December 1969 as the son of Puthenveedu V. A. Mathews and Annie. His Grace is a member of St. George Valiyapally, Eram, Thumpamon Diocese.  After taking his Bachelors Degree in Science from  Mahatma Gandhi University, he joined the  Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kottayam, for theological studies. From the Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kottayam, he took Graduate Degree in Sacred Theology (GST) and the Bachelor of Divinity (BD) degree at the Senate of Serampore University. After taking his M. Th from  Dharmaram Theological College, Bangalore,  he took  D. Th from  Chikkago Theological Seminary, America.

His Grace took several key positions of the church as General Secretary, Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Movement of  India,Member, Managing Committee, Orthodox Church, Member, Governing Board Thadakam Ashram, Coimbatore, Director, Santhinilayam Counselling Centre, Pathanamthitta.

He is elected as the  Metropolitan candidate on   17th February at the Malankara Association held at Sasthamkotta. He is consecrated as Metropolitan on  12th May 2010 at Mar Elia Cathedral, Kottayam.His Grace  is serving the Banglore  Diocese as its Metropolitan.

Live Stream of Wake and Funeral Service of Sitara Phillipose

Wake: Friday, May 18th, 6-9pm
Funeral: Saturday, May 19th, 12 pm
Wake and funeral Location:
St. Gregorios Orthodox Church,
15661 Washington Ave,
San Lorenzo, CA
Burial Location:
Chapel of the Chimes,
32992 Mission Blvd,
Hayward, CA

Live Stream of Wake and Funeral of Sitara Phillipose

Holy Week Schedule

Sat., Mar 24
6:30 PM
Lenten Prayer Meeting (Sponsored by MMVS)
Rev. Fr. Dr. M.O. John (Guest Achen during Holy Week)

Sun., Mar 25
8:30 AM
Palm Sunday Service and Annunciation to St. Mary


Mon., Mar 26
6:30 PM
Evening Prayer Confession at the church

Please arrange time for Confession with Achen

Tue., Mar 27
6:30 PM
Evening Prayer Confession at the church

Please arrange time for Confession with Achen

Wed., Mar 28
6 PM – 8:30 PM
Holy Qurbana and Passover/Maundy Thursday Service

Fri., Mar 30
9:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Good Friday Service
Kanji Nercha after Service (Please sign-up for nercha items downstairs)

Sat., Mar 31
9:00 AM
Holy Saturday Service
(Remembering all the departed)

Sun., Apr 1
8:00 AM

Holy Qurbana and Easter Service
Egg Hunting for children upto 6th grade
Lunch Feast

Great Lent Canned Food Drive - Ends March 31st

The Sunday School is coordinating a food drive for the Orange County Rescue Mission during Great Lent. Please donate any non-perishable canned foods or cereals to church before March 31st. There are boxes setup in the church hall. This is open to anyone that wishes to donate for the poor and needy.

Thank you all for your support.

Confession Day - Sat., March 17th @ 3pm

A confession day has been scheduled on Saturday, March 17th at 3pm. All Sunday School students, teachers, MGOCSM and FOCUS members should plan on taking Holy Confession during the Great Lent.  As an Orthodox Christian we are reminded that we should take confession at least once a year. Please make every effort to attend.

FOCUS Meeting - Friday, March 9th @7pm

A meeting for the FOCUS group has been scheduled for this Friday, March 9th at 7pm at church.  Please plan to attend!  For more information, please contact Mr. Benoy Eapen or Semmassen.

The Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in the United States (FOCUS) is a ministry of the
Diocese of Southwest America of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, and focuses
on cultivating and educating adults, leading them to the likeness of God and the fullness
of the Faith. The purpose of this ministry is to facilitate and encourage transformation
in all aspects of a person’s life as they become more active in the body of Christ.

Service of Reconciliation (Shubqono) - Mon., February 12 @ 5:30pm

Service of Reconciliation, or the Shubqono (Forgiveness) service. It is traditionally done on Monday, the first day of the Great Lent after the canonical office of the Sixth Hour.

Service will be held on Monday, February 12th at 5:30pm.  Please plan to attend the Service with your family.

Great Lent Prayer Book

Please use the below prayer book for Great Lent.


Prayer Groups

1 Mr. Altamirano, Jamie 1 Mr. Baby Bijin 1 Mr. Abraham, George
2 Mr. Areeckal, Abraham 2 Mr. Baby, Johnson V 2 Mr. Isaac, Paul
3 Mr. Chacko, Kunjumon 3 Mr. Abraham, Chacko 3 Mr. Koshy, Santhosh
4 Mr. George, Paul 4 Dr. George, Bibu 4 Mr. Mathew, Abraham
5 Mr. John, Mathew 5 Mr. George, Saju 5 Mr. Mathew, Roy
6 Mr. Kovoor, Tom 6 Mr. Kuruvilla Sijin 6 Mr. Palal, Peter
7 Mr. Kuriakose, Juby 7 Mr. Mathew, Alexander 7 Mr. Panicker, Shaiju 
8 Mr. Kurien, Gigi 8 Mrs. Aleyamma Mathew 8 Mr. Philip, Thomas
9 Mr. Mathew, Biju 9 Mr. Mathew Dious 9 Mr. Varghese, Thomas
10 Mr. Mathew, Jose 10 Mr. Mathew, Geevarghese 10 Mr. Varkey, Alexander
11 Mr. Mathew, Marcus 11 Mr. Mathew, Pradeesh 11 Mr. Varghese, Abraham
12 Mr. Ninan, Bobby 12 Mr. Mathew Zechariah  12 Mr. Varghese, K.I.
13 Mr. Oonnoonny, Babu 13 Mrs. John, Saramma 13 Mr. Varghese, Mathew
14 Mr. Panatu, Varkey 14 Mr. Kurien, Lalu 14 Mr. Vedikattil, Koshy G.
15 Dr. George, Thomas 15 Mr. Mani Roby 15 Mr. Thampi, Kurian
16 Mrs. Varghese, Annamma 16 Mrs. Thomas, Accamma  16 Mr. Thomas, Alex
17 Mr. Varghese K.C. 17 Mrs. Joseph, Anil 17 Mr. Varghese Shrin
18 Mr. Thomas, Sam     18 Mr. Abraham, Thomas
1 Mr. Baby, Simon 1 Mr. Abraham, Johnson P. 1 Mr. Abraham, Ashley T.
2 Mr. John, Jacob 2 Mr. Abraham, Thomas T.  2 Mr. George, Roy
3 Mr. Mathai, John 3 Mr. Cherian, Jay 3 Mr. Joseph, Alvin
4 Mr. Mathai V. 4 Mr. Eapen, Binoy 4 Mr. Kuruvilla, Sunil
5 Mr. Mathew, Thomas 5 Mr. Edwards, Kirk 5 Mr. Mathew, K.M.
6 Mr. Mathew Varghese 6 Mr. Geevarghese, Saji 6 Mr. Mathew, Roshan
7 Mr. Mathewkutty, P. 7 Mr. George, Mathew K. 7 Mr. Mathew, George 
8 Mrs. Oommen, Elizabeth 8 Mr. George, Jacob K. 8 Mr. Mathews, Sajan
9 Mr. Philip, George 9 Mr. Kurien, Thomas 9 Mr. Nambiar, Vivek
10 Mr. Varghese, Thankachan 10 Mr. Mathew, George 10 Mr. Panicker, Tobin
11 Mrs. Manyamma Varghese 11 Mr. Panicker, Sunil 11 Rev. Fr. Panicker, Yohannan
12 Mr. Varghese, Sodharan T. 12 Mr. Paul, Praveen 12 Mr. Perumana, Bevin
13 Mr. Varghese, Liju 13 Mr. Thomas, Varghese 13 Mr. Pothen, Gee
ST. JOHNS -  ZONE 1 - C  14 Mr. Varghese, John 14 Mr. Samuel, Ginson
15 Mr. Varghese, Winson V. 15 Mr. Skariah, Raji 
1 Mr. Jacob K.C.     16 Mr. Thomas, P.T.
2 Mr. John, Isaac ST. THOMAS – ZONE 3 - C
3 Mr. John, Midhun
4 Mr. Joy Lijesh 1 Mr. Abraham, Philip, M 9 Mr. Ninan, Aby
5 Mr. Koshy, Jijo 2 Mr. Abraham Soomodh 10 Mr. Podian, Josemoan
6 Mr. Lesser, Timothy 3 Mrs. Easow Molly 11 Mr. Rajan, Rajeev
7 Mr. Mathew, Varghese 4 Dr. Jacob, Kandathil 12 Mr. Varghese, Chacko
8 Mr. Oonnoonny, Raju 5 Dr. John, Nebu 13 Varghese, Jacob
9 Dr. Paul, Joy 6 Dr. Koshy, Ruby 14 Mr. Varghese, Libu
10 Mr. Varghese, Bino 7 Mr. Jacob, Mathew K. 15 Mr. Varghese, Philip
11 Mr. Varghese K.M. 8 Mr. Mathews, Sony    
12 Mr. Varghese, Thomas P.        
13 Mr. Zacharia, Varghese         

Sunday School Mid-Terms - Sun., January 28th

Sunday School Mid-Terms will be held on Sunday, January 28th from 9am to 9:50am.  Please prepare your children and bring them to church on time.

If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher or Mathew Varughese, Principal.

MGOCSM Meeting - Sun., Jan. 14th

MGOCSM will be having a meeting this Sunday, January 14th after the Holy Qurbana from 12:30-2pm.  Lunch will be provided.  Also rides can be arranged by contacting Semassen in advance.

Please remind and encourage our youths to participate and help them to make a difference. For more information, please contact Mr. Stanley Thomas, MGOCSM Coordinator.

Sunday School Re-Starts January 7th

Sunday School will resume on Sunday, January 7th at 8:45am.  Please make sure to bring your children on time and arrive by 8:45am for the worship and song session. 

Sunday School Mid-Terms will be held on Sunday, January 28th.  Please mark your calendars and prepare your children for the exam.

Baptism of our Lord (Danaha Perunal) - Sun., Jan. 7th

Danaha Perunal (Epiphany - The Baptism of our Lord) is on January 6th, however we will have the service on Sunday, January 7th along with the Holy Qurbana. Morning prayer will begin at 9am and the Holy Qurbana will start at 9:45am.

Please make every effort to attend with your family.