Dear Congregation,

Managing Committee met on March 31st and further discussed the evolving COVID-19 Pandemic and its impact to our church family.

We will continue to restrict all services to a priest and a very limited number of acolytes throughout all of April. We request the rest of our faithful continue to refrain from coming to church until further notice. (This includes all activities during Holy Week) When possible, we will continue to arrange for live-streaming as we have in the past two weeks.

Please note Panicker Achen has also agreed to stay away from church through this time. We request that all the congregation follow his leadership and his example by staying home during this time.

For those in need that wish to receive Holy Qurbana, please contact Samuel Achen and he will explore arrangements for that.

On Palm Sunday, all palms will be blessed and left in church for those to pick up once things have resumed back to normal.

If you would like add names to the special prayers list (departed/blessings/birthdays/wedding anniversaries) please use the following link:  CLICK HERE

A schedule for Holy Week will be sent via eNews, Facebook and WhatsApp, so that you can join ONLINE.

We will be monitoring the situation carefully and will update everyone on or before May 1. Please continue to adhere to your local health department guidance, as well as the CDC.

Let us continue to pray for all those affected by the virus and those who are assisting to combat this pandemic. 

St. Thomas, LA - Managing Committee 2020