Church Reintegration Plan - Updated 6/15/20

Dear Church Family, 

This is an update to our Church Reintegration Plan

On June 14th, the managing committee met to discuss our initial experience from re-opening church this past weekend. We are adjusting our plans, while keeping everyone's health and safety as the main priority, with the following changes:

1. Registration - The link is open to everyone in the church. For now, we will NOT limit attendance by prayer groups.
   b.  It will be ‘first come, first served’ 
   c.  Please register for either Saturday OR Sunday

2. Maximum Capacity- We will be limited to 40 registrants per Holy Qurbana

3. Shoes - You may remove your shoes outside of the church, instead of bringing them into church with you. Shoes will NOT be allowed in the church lobby/narthex since we are trying to eliminate crowding.

4. Arrival - Everyone participating in Qurbana MUST arrive by 9:45AM. (instead of 9:30AM)

We welcome your thoughts and feedback as we 
continue to re-evaluate this plan, while keeping focused on the health and safety of our entire Church Family. We also appreciate your patience through this. 

Let us continue to pray for all those afflicted by and caring for those with COVID-19

Managing Committee 2020